Start Mining Today Free 200 Kh/s

With no need of buying a hardware
You don’t have to buy, assemble and set up expensive and complex hardware. If you will assemble hardware yourself, then cost of 1 Mh/s will be around $800, but we offer you the same but only for $366. to main page

High Yields
Yields which you can see on this site are shown 20% less because this is the money which we spend on electricity, hardware maintenance, wages for our workers, and our commissions. The efficiency of investment is up to 12-18% per month, and you will get full payback approximately in six months.

Balanced mining system «SmartMining»
We’re using statistical and analytical methods to choose the currency to mine and this grants higher performance with minimal resource spending.

Quick technical support
We will be glad to answer your questions as soon as we can. You can write us an e-mail and our specialists will answer you within a 24h, no matter how difficult your question is.

Daily payouts
Everything that you have earned is automatically sent to your BTC wallet each day. to registration page!

High investment reliability
Your assets are always assured by hardware, technology, and experience of our team, and also by the most promising technology at this time. We offer you to invest just a little part of your funds to be sure that this technology is working. If you will be consistent then you will have a big profit in short period of time, and in the medium term time period (1-3 years) you can become a really wealthy person only because you have invested into a really promising technology. It’s like you’re buying Apple or Google stock in their youth, and then you’re having a lot of profit when they rise up for thousands percent.

Quick start
Just register and begin getting a profit! to pricing page