How-To: Mining Contracts

Greetings Miners,
We hope you are all having a profitable week.
The purpose of this post is to offer our users a better understanding of what mining contracts are and how they can be beneficial. With such a rapidly growing community, we felt an explanation of the concept would help those new to the scene.
Contract Mining
Mining contracts can be thought of as rented hash power. A customer exchanges money for a specified amount of hashing power. This hashing power is then used for the purposes of cryptocurrency mining. The price paid and the duration for which the customer receives the hash rate is defined by the details of the contract.
Why Use Contracts
Cryptocurrency mining can be extremely lucrative if you have the right equipment; however, not all of us are able to afford the costs associated with mining. Typical costs include electricity, network connection, cooling, and storage.
Fortunately, contracts allow the average person to bypass this nuisance and join the mining phenomenon. Why invest in bulky mining equipment when you could just rent remotely?
Getting Started
Contracts are available for purchase under your user dashboard. In the case of CoIntellect, no further action is required once the contract is purchased. The contract will immediately begin mining the most profitable coins and your earnings will update throughout the day.
We have tailored options for both beginners and experts. Take a look and get started today.
As always, feel free to contact support if you have any additional questions or concerns.
CoIntellect Staff

 Google Play

Published at Sep 24, 2014 3:22:11 PM
Greetings Miners,

We are excited to announce the release of our CoIntellect affiliate manager for Android devices.
The application essentially brings the affiliate functionality of your account to a mobile platform.

Current features include:
  • View Referrals
  • View Affiliate Links
  • View Live Balance
  • View Today’s Earnings
  • View Pending Earnings

Additional features are planned for the next update. Users can expect payment options and messaging.
The application is currently in beta and will be available for download through the Google Play Store.

As always, feel free to contact support if you have any additional questions or concerns

Have a profitable day,
CoIntellect Staff