Instructions $3/Day For LibertaGia Mondial

Welcome to our first daily work. You can manage and make your earnings just by clicking ads or affiliate sites. LibertaGia without my ref, you cannot sign up. Each plan has a certain amount of ads available:
  • Bronze: 15 ads
  • Booster: 10 ads
  • Silver: 10 ads
  • Gold: 8 ads
  • Platinum: 7 ads
  • Visionary: 5 ads
To perform its task follow the following points:
  1. Click on the button "Click here to do the task" to open the tasks page;
  2. On the tasks page, click on the current page (Description: "Click here to do the task") to load the page code to form;
  3. After loading the code click on the blue button ("Go To Page");
  4. A new tab will be loaded on your browser;
  5. Wait finalize the execution time of the task, insert the captcha value, and click "Finish This Task";
  6. The flap will be closed and after a few seconds the new task will be released;
  7. After the execution of all tasks the daily value will be saved.
Note: The user must perform all tasks to receive the payment.
Please be advised that:
  1. The amount that can be earned with the tasks is equivalent to 5 days of work and will not pass that limit. i.e if you do the tasks 6 or 7 days of the week you will only be credited for the 5 days when the tasks were executed. The availability of the tasks on the weekend was established to give our members more flexibility in the execution of the tasks.
  2. The LibertaGia is not liable to make payment of tasks with values above the threshold set for each account (according to your plan) that may have used any illicit activity and in bad faith to exceed the stipulated values.
  3. The value on the task balance goes back to zero at the end of each week (Sunday) in order to start accumulating the amounts for the new week.
  4. The amount of the task earnings is then credited to your balance on Monday. In case of any technical issue it may be delayed until Tuesday or Wednesday.
Thank you for your attention and we wish you a lot of success! Sign Up LibertaGia