Earn BTC w/o mining! 2 supreme Sites

Location: United States
Since youre reading this, its pretty clear that you know what a bitcoin is, and that you know how hard it is to mine bitcoins nowadays.
Difficulty increases everyday and makes our hardware absolutely unusable to mine bitcoins.

So I was recently looking for alternatives and found 2 sites that you can effectively use in order to earn money.

If you know what faucets are, you know that youre not going to earn much money with it.
Actually pretty much down to nothing.
And if you havent heard about it yet, forget about it.

I will show you how to earn Bitcoins by botting ptc sites.
The 2 major sites for this are:

Bitbin is pretty much like pastebin.org, the main difference is that you will get paid for the views on your pastes.
You simply create a paste by choosing a title, write some text into it, and then put your bitcoin adress under the bitcoins tab.

Now lets talk about Coin Url which pays a lot better than Bit Bin.

CoinUrl is pretty much the Adf.ly type of site which pays you in Bitcoins.
What are the differences?

CU has a bad CPM ratio.
Around 0.25$/1000 clicks


it allows you to use traffic exchangers in order to generate traffic on your links.

Earn Money with Coin-Url in a few simple steps:
1. Sign up
2. Go to this tab Create Links
3. Make a txt file on your pc and save your links in it
4. The links should look like this
5. Now take the links and put them into Jingling/Liulangbao/Skillers Exchange
6. Use different links on different pcs and in different programs
7. Start botting the links
8. You will earn around 2-4$ per day which is around 0.02-0.04 BTC per day
9. After your account is 7 days old, you will be able to cashout
10. Go here,input your BTC Adress and request a payout

Have fun earning cash Shitthat

I personally suggest using CoinUrl since it pays a lot better.
Sign up for CoinUrl now

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